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As a technology trading company, Cornes Technologies
enables its suppliers and customers to
respond rapidly to the latest engineering innovations.

  • Telecommunications

    The rapid growth in mobile phone usage and the expansion of all forms of modern telecommunications over the past few years has increased demand for equipment to test, measure and analyze signals and to optimize network designs. Cornes Technologies imports and sells cutting-edge test and measurement products and analysis tools to support LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G, Bluetooth, W-LAN and NFC applications for smart phones and other communications devices. We work closely with wireless network operators, system designers, user equipment vendors and device manufacturers to ensure a safe, secure and reliable high- performance telecommunications environment with superior quality of service. Cornes Technologies also supplies systems and equipment to ground support stations for broadcasters and satellite operators, including transceiver and equipment for signal conditioning, telemetry data acquisition, tracking and positioning.

  • Automotive

    As autonomous vehicle development is accelerated rapidly by automakers worldwide, the demand for innovative technology products has been increasing significantly. To help automakers develop advanced autonomous vehicles, Cornes Technologies provides a wide variety of state-of-the-art products including LIDAR sensors, perception software systems, infrared camera module, ultrasonic sensor, audio analyzers, and advanced technologies including IMSE (Injection Molded Structural Electronics). Cornes Technologies also offers a unique set of automotive HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions, such as mid-air haptics, hand tracking, and active noise cancellation, further promoting vehicle safety features and enhancing the customer's autonomous vehicle experience.

  • Safety

    In response to the growing need for security awareness, Cornes Technologies imports and sells advanced equipment for counter-terrorism, contraband detection, search and rescue, and safety monitoring for use by Immigration and Customs, first responders, and operators of ports, airports, railways, power generation plants, utility services and other critical infrastructure. Items supplied include:
    ◼ Remote-controlled robots,
    ◼ Terahertz imaging cameras,
    ◼ X-ray inspection systems,
    ◼ Metal detectors,
    ◼ Thermal imaging cameras,
    ◼ Night vision scopes,
    ◼ Decontamination showers and emergency shelters

  • Electronic Devices

    Cornes Technologies markets and sells electron tubes for synchrotron radiation facilities, accelerators/colliders, and scientific research. Cornes Technologies also offers magnetrons for marine radar and a broad selection of active/passive microwave devices for defense and communications applications. Other electronic products include microwave components, antennae, vacuum relays, low-cost synthesizers, and signal generators.

  • Aviation

    Cornes Technologies provides equipment to major commercial airlines for advanced cargo loading systems on freighter aircraft and wide-body passenger jets. The company has long been an approved vendor to Japan’s Ground, Air and Maritime Self Defense Forces, supplying equipment for aviation control and command, to include voice and flight data as well as mission recorders for transport and fighter aircraft, ejection seats, ejection release units, tuners, receivers. Products offered also include a range of avionics and equipment for aircraft ground support operations such as telemetry data acquisition and radar tracking.

  • Diamond
    CVD Systems

    Cornes Technologies is a manufacturer and supplier of Microwave Plasma CVD (MP-CVD) systems for high quality synthesis of single and poly-crystalline diamonds and related carbon materials. With an installed base of more than 500 systems around the world, Cornes Technologies’ Seki Diamond SystemsTM platforms have become the de facto global standard for diamond MP-CVD’s. Learn more about these diamond MP-CVD systems at sekidiamond@com

  • Industrial Machinery & Supplies

    Cornes Technologies offers aseptic filling system, kegs and containers to some of the world's largest brewers, distillers and soft drink companies. In addition, Cornes Technologies sells pioneering AI software for sensory analytics enabling the food and beverage industry to explore new products and flavor development.

  • Semiconductors

    Cornes Technologies offers components used in flat panel TVs, gaming consoles, digital radio products, wireless communication devices and a broad spectrum of consumer and industrial products. Cornes Technologies also offers cutting-edge interactive display systems engaging customers in the latest display technologies of the Metaverse. Cornes Technologies’ field application engineers work closely with product developers to help create new products for use in industry, medical, space and consumer applications.